Studio B

Studio B is a peaceful and sunny space with three large windows overlooking Chambers Street and City Hall Park. Across the hall from Studio C, and adjacent to Gibney’s main office. The space includes large mirrors with mirror drapes. Use of shoes prohibited.

  • Dance rehearsals
  • Yoga and somatic practices
  • Wellness workshops
  • Dimensions: 25’ x 27’
  • Capacity: 14 people for non-profit rehearsal rentals. For all other types of rentals, please reach out to the Gibney Rental team to receive capacity limits.
  • Ceiling Height: 13’
  • Flooring: Light Wood; Resilient
  • Permanent mirrors on East wall
  • Two Columns: Along West wall, 6.5″ from wall
  • Sound System: Raxess PD-800LF, MixMate 2 RM75, 2 dB speakers (mounted)
  • Use of shoes prohibited

Studio B used to be part of the 280 Broadway office space! When Gibney moved in to the building in 2014, part of the renovation project included reclaiming this space for dance. Its small size and proximity to the office space make this an ideal room for larger meetings, or large group gatherings that require minimal movement or participation, like our Institute for Community Action Training.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, studio capacities have been reduced to 33% in our studios for all rehearsals, classes, and workshop rentals. Filming, photoshoot, and production rentals will be allowed at 50% capacity for each studio. If a rental request is submitted via our online forms with an occupancy that exceeds the following limits, your request will not be approved.