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Week of April 2, 2020
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Gibney’s mission is to tap into the vast potential of movement, creativity, and performance to effect social change and personal transformation. Through this mission, Gibney impacts thousands of diverse New York City communities every year, including artists, audiences, advocates, survivors of gender-based violence, youth, class takers, dance companies, peer nonprofits, public agencies, NYC community members, and more.

Partnership opportunities may be customized to make for a mutually beneficial relationship driven by how your company wishes to advance specific marketing and philanthropic priorities. Year-round, programmatic, and event sponsorship opportunities are also available.

This year, Gibney is proud to align itself with the following corporate partners:

Life Time Logo

Life Time: Lead sponsor of Gibney’s 2019-20 Hands are for Holding® in-school arts education meeting violence prevention program.

New York Health and Racquet Club logo
New York Health & Racquet Club: Lead sponsor of Gibney’s 2018-19 annual observance of Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Symbio Wellness Logo | Gibney

Symbio Physiotherapy: Gibney Dance Company’s 2019-20 exclusive physiotherapy partner.

Please contact Senior Director of Development & Revenue Strategies Jenny Thompson at or 646.837.6809 for more information.