In-Person Classes are held at both Gibney 280 Broadway and 890 Broadway locations. Please make sure to check the description of the class you are signing up for to see which location your class is held at.

I’m a new student, what do I do?

Welcome! Take these steps to get started:

  1. Create a Mind Body online account to register for classes.
  2. Review our current health and safety procedures on our Plan Your Visit page.
  3. Register for class as soon as possible as space is limited.
  4. Read through Gibney’s COVID Safety Protocols before coming to class.
  5. Arrive at Gibney no earlier than 10 minutes before class. Make sure to arrive in your dance attire as dressing rooms are not available.
  6. Sign in using Gibney’s sign in app and take your temperature.
  7. Show your confirmation email to Gibney Staff.
  8. Make your way to your assigned studio and enjoy class!

For questions, please contact us at, or call (646) 837-6809.

Is there a minimum age requirement to attend class at Gibney?

Drop-in classes and intensives are geared toward dancers 18 years of age and older.

Intermediate and advanced teens 16-17 years old are welcome to participate in drop-in classes. Teens 13-15 years of age may be able to take classes at each faculty member’s discretion. If you are under 18 years of age, please let Gibney staff know the class you’re interested in and the approximate level and we will seek approval from the faculty member.

Certain training programs, including Gibney PRO, the Professional Training & Visa Program, and NYC Summer/Winter Study, are only offered for dancers 18 years and older.

What are your COVID-19 Policies?

Effective November 15, 2022, proof of vaccination is no longer required for visitors at Gibney Center. 

However, a Sign In App account is still required to enter Gibney Center. For first time visitors, you will be prompted to sign-in and create an account by entering your full name and email into the system. For those who have active accounts, you will simply sign-in upon arrival by using: the Sign In App Companion on your mobile device, your mobile device to scan the QR code posted on signage in the lobby, or the iPad available at the security desk.

Masks are still required in all common areas of Gibney Center (lobbies, elevators, hallways, bathrooms, dressing rooms, galleries, etc.) and recommended in studios. Masks are also required for all audience members attending live performances at Gibney Center.

Gibney also provides signage throughout 280 and 890 Broadway with the most recent information, and informs all on-site staff members of current policies.

For more information, please visit our Plan Your Visit page.

How much do in-person classes cost?
Single Class
$19 Per Class
Expires after 60 days

Single Class: Payment for most classes. Excludes Movement Research, Professional Classes, The Playground, and Jodi Moccia

5-Class Series
$90 ($18/class)
Expires after 60 days

10-Class Series

$170 ($17/class)
Expires after 90 days

Movement Research Class
$16 Per Class
Expires after 60 days
Movement Research Class: Any class programmed in partnership with Movement Research

Professional Class
$25 Per Class
Expires after 60 days

Professional Class: Check for upcoming Professional Classes

Single Playground Class Online Registration
$6 Credit/Debit Only

*Playground Workshop and Intensive Pricing varies. Visit for details.

What is your expiration policy?

All class credits have expiration lengths, which begin on the day of purchase. Class credits can be used through the day of expiration. Expired class series may not be extended or reactivated. Class series expiration dates can be found on your receipt of purchase.

If a documented injury or illness has prevented you from using a class series prior to the expiration, please contact us at to be considered for an exception.

How do I register for in-person classes?

All students must register and complete payment prior to class. 

Students must pre-register online through our website or the MindBody Online app. For the moment, we will not be able to accommodate any class registration in person for the safety of our staff. 

Can I pre-register for in-person classes?

You must reserve your place in class in advance by registering on the Gibney website or the MindBody Online app.

Students may also purchase Single Class, Movement Research class credits, 5 Class Series, 10 Class Series, Access8 classes and Playground Online Registration credits via the website for future use. Pre-register at

How do I pay?

Students may pay for class credit/debit cards, or class series via their membership card. 

Can I purchase classes for someone else?

Gift cards: Yes, gift cards are available for purchase. Inquire at the front desk for more information. Note that class credits purchased as a gift card will begin expiring once redeemed by the recipient.

Sharing credits: Credits are transferable. If a class series is transferred, all remaining credits will be transferred and those credits will maintain original expiration dates. 

Additionally, you may inquire with the Welcome desk to create credit sharing ‘relationships’ in MindBody Online between two accounts. 

General Information

What styles of dance do you offer?

Gibney offers a diverse roster of classes with styles including Vogue, Ballet, Contemporary, Floor Barre, Gaga, Street & Club, Pilates, Simonson Technique, Somatic Practices, African and more. To get a detailed description of these classes, visit our class schedule and click on the class title and the teacher’s name. 

What is your class cancelation and refund policy?

Online class registrations may be canceled up to the class start time via Mindbody Online. If you cancel your registration before the class start time, the class credit will automatically be applied to your account. Gibney does not offer refunds for canceled pre-registrations. Pre-registrations cannot be canceled after the class start time and you will be charged for the class.

If Gibney cancels a class or workshop, the class credit will automatically be applied to your account for a future visit. If a non-series credit was used for a class canceled by Gibney and you prefer a refund, please contact

Please be advised that if you pre-register online for a class with an incorrect class credit, you will be required to purchase the correct class credit prior to entering class. Partial payments will not be accepted at any time; we are able to refund the incorrect class credit.

Gibney does not offer refunds or extensions except when Gibney cancels your class, or in the case of a documented illness or injury, before the credit/series expires. Gibney is not able to process partial refunds, including partially used class series. Students may only receive a refund in the form of original payment. Contact us at to inquire about a refund or extension with your documented illness or injury.

Do you offer any beginner or open level classes?

Yes! We offer Beginner and Open Level classes seven days a week. Please visit our class schedule to find details on class level. Classes can be sorted by level, or you can find level information in each class description. 

For additional inquiries about class level, please contact us at for recommendations! 


In-person classes take place at both Gibney locations. Please make sure to check the description of the class you are signing up for to see which location your class is held at.

280 Broadway: Lower Manhattan

The majority of our classes take place at our 280 Broadway location, including all workshops and intensives.

Address: 280 Broadway: Lower Manhattan Location. Entrance at 53A Chambers Street.

Instruction: Classes occur in various studios. Please visit the Welcome desk for class studio locations

Security: All guests must sign in with their full name before entering Gibney’s space at 53A Chambers Street and ID may be requested at the discretion of building security. Compliance with this policy ensures that our spaces are safe and secure for all visitors. 

Accessibility: Gibney 280 Broadway is accessible via elevator from the main entrance at 53A Chambers Street. For access requests or inquiries, please contact our Operations team, by calling our Center at 646.837.6809. 

890 Broadway (5th Floor): Union Square

Ballet classes take place at our 890 Broadway location.

Address: 890 Broadway (5th floor): Union Square location at 19th street

Instruction: All ballet classes held at 890 Broadway take place in Studio 5-2. (Occasionally, classes may move studios for special circumstances. Please visit the Center Office near the elevator if you cannot find the studio)

Security: All guests must sign in with their full name before entering Gibney’s space at 890 Broadway and ID may be requested at the discretion of building security. Compliance with this policy ensures that our spaces are safe and secure for all visitors.” and remove everything that is currently there and not up-to-date.


  1. You must wear your mask and practice social distancing at all times, and follow all directional signs. Masks are to be worn in all studios and common areas.
  2. Please do not arrive any earlier than 10 minutes prior to your class.
  3. Upon arrival, you will be required to complete a health questionnaire and provide contact information with a valid, photo ID. Information is kept confidential and only released to the state agency in charge of contact tracing, as needed. These check-in procedures are to be completed on your smartphone via the Companion app. An alternative sign in process will be available onsite if your mobile device does not support this app. You will receive a second email from Gibney’s Sign In App platform providing you with instructions for downloading the Companion App with the provided 5-digit code.
  4. You may access the 5th floor via the elevator (maximum of 2 riders) or Stairwell B.
  5. When you arrive on the 5th floor, you must have your temperature checked at the Gibney office (located by the elevators) prior to entering the studios. If your temperature is above 100.4F, we will ask that you leave and you will be refunded for your class.
  6. When exiting the building, please take stairwell A or the elevator (maximum of 2 riders).

If you or any of your guests do not own or are unable to present any of the previously listed forms of identification, please contact Elyse Desmond at or call 212-677-8560.

Access: The main entrance for Gibney 890 Broadway is an accessible entrance and available during all building hours: 7:30 am – 7:30 pm Monday – Friday, and 9:00 am – 6:30 pm on Saturdays.

Requests for reasonable accommodation or for access to the 890 Broadway location outside of listed hours should be made three days in advance by contacting Elyse Desmond at or 212.677.8560 (Voice only).

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