Black Diaspora: Dani Criss

Apr 10, 2023, 2:00 pm EDT



Black Diaspora events are open to a Black- or Afro-Latinx-identifying audience only.

Join us for an embodied intergenerational convening to discuss, move, and commune on the liberation and communicative practices that guide the Diasporic community.

About Dani Criss

Affectionately known as Dani Criss, The Artist; a multidisciplinary artist, artistic educator, and community organizer hailing from Durham, North Carolina, now based in Brooklyn, NY. Leading with a passionate perspective driven by her roots and studies of the African Diaspora, as well as the advancement of her people everywhere; Educating through the principles of the Diaspora, inspiring an appreciation, acceptance, and historical experience in each interaction; Using movement and knowledge as the source to obtain liberation while discovering ancestral connections within the liberative practices.

Criss has trained and performed with numerous artists, companies, and festivals in the United States. Works have been shared in various ensembles, theaters, schools, universities, festivals, and conferences around the country, including Harvard Graduate School’s Hip-Hop Ex Lab, Collegium of African Diaspora Dance Conference, New York State Dance Education Association Conference, Arts For All Abilities Conference, and others. An artistic educator in primary and higher education in New York, NY, and surrounding areas, including NYC Public Schools, Nassau Community College, Mark Morris Dance Center, and several arts organizations around the city.

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About Black Diaspora

Conceived by curator Eva Yaa Asantewaa during the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic and the Black Lives Matter uprising, Black Diaspora launched its first activities in September 2020 as a Zoom-based peer support program serving up-and-coming, Black-identified dance and performance artists from various cultural backgrounds and aesthetic traditions.

With the support of Gibney, Black Diaspora has offered numerous peer group discussions, workshops led by notable guest artists, and conversations between artists. We celebrate the resourcefulness, accomplishments, and generous wisdom of Black creatives, educators, and activists.

Photo by @Ak47division Films and Photography