Bodies on the Gears: Jackson Polys - American Realness at Gibney
Week of June 18, 2019
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Bodies on the Gears: Jackson Polys

Bodies on the Gears: Jackson Polys

Jackson Polys

Tuesday, January 8, 4:00pm
The Black Box at Gibney 280 Broadway
Co-Commissioned by American Realness and Yale’s Theater Magazine
Presented by Gibney

Given our readymade settler colonialism as a public secret, that when probed, amplifies the proliferation of attendant fears that create sites of paralysis — quagmires of cultural appropriation, occlusion, imposter syndrome, inappropriate speech and empathic overreach — what routes for the production of movements can escape impinging on Indigenous bodies and their accomplices? Summoning red flags, Jackson Polys, supported by a host of proxies in a multimedia lecture performance, targets the aporias formed by desiring indigeniety.

Photo by Paula Court

Part of Bodies on the Gears, a series of five lecture performances curated by Tom Sellar as part of American Realness 2019.


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