Long Table + Demonstrating Practice: Dance is a Senior Benefit - Gibney
Week of July 2, 2020
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Long Table + Demonstrating Practice: Dance is a Senior Benefit

Group of elders dancing and one woman smiles at the camera mid-motion.
LONG TABLE: Dance is a Senior Benefit
OCT 2, 7:00 – 9:00 PM
studio b

Guest Host: Gus Solomons jr
Core Participants: Naomi Goldberg Haas/Dances for a Variable Population, Myna M. Majors, Larissa Velez-Jackson

What does a vibrant dance practice look like for senior citizens? Join the conversation with guest host Gus Solomons jr and a group of dynamic guest artists whose lives and practices challenge limiting ideas of what bodies can dance, and for how long.  

OCT 3, 7:00 – 8:30 PM
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Guide: Larissa Velez-Jackson

Join guest host Larissa Velez-Jackson for an interactive evening drawing from Latin and Afrobeat, and catering to people over 60 who want to move! We’ll move until 8:15 pm and then have space to gather, reflect, and socialize for the remainder of the evening.

Photo: Larissa Velez Jackson by Sean O’Neill.

Curated by Senior Curatorial Director, Eva Yaa Asantewaa, this series of free conversations and experiential gatherings highlights important issues in the dance community.

Long Table conversations adopt performance artist Lois Weaver’s non-hierarchical Long Table format, encouraging informal conversation around topics of concern to the community.  Learn more here about Long Tables and how they work.

Demonstrating Practice events are experiential gatherings, guided by dance community elders, in which artists reflect on themes and ideas from the previous Long Table while sharing wisdom, core values, and ways of living that inform their creative movement practice. Each circle—unique in format and content—will establish respectful, generous and generative space held by the guides and all who attend.


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