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Work Up 5.3: Laurel Snyder, Nana Chinara, Zachary Tye Richardson

Work Up 5.3

Work Up is an annual residency, professional development, and performance program that supports early career artists. Don’t miss post performance discussions with the artists each Friday and post performance receptions each Saturday.


Bones, Bodies & Demons is an honest, visceral expression of self through movement, melody, and language. It is a highly scored, full-bodied improvisation that awakens the fire in my belly, the cycles in my brain, and the strength at my fingertips. This intimate solo work asks whether our boundaries confine or liberate us. Does isolation breed self-actualization or self-loathing? Do we create parameters to hold us in or keep others out? Perhaps we’re all just looking for something solid to push against.


(Segment of a developing work, haunts.)
she looks at you. embodies haunting repetition as an exploration of violence on a Black queer femme body, through ancestor supported memory. This piece challenges the witness in you: witnessing without experiencing.


Black Parade is a proclamation of African American elation and an antagonistic view of the conventional “angry black attitude.” This work investigates the camaraderie in a neighborhood of people coming together to celebrate a legacy and show gratitude for accomplishments in their culture. As a consequence, youth dance troupes used rhythm to express the glorification of the black body. Black Parade is a response to the kinesthetic representation of public movement in the Martin Luther King Jr. parade held in Lakeland, Florida.

Laurel Snyder photo by Steven Pisano, Nana Chinara photo by Kalyn Jacobs, Zachary Tye Richardson photo courtesy of Andrew Blumenthal.


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