Work Up 4.1 - Gibney
Week of August 4, 2020
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Work Up 4.1

Work Up 4.1

Ainesh Madan
Evelyn Lilian Sanchez Narvaez
Marion Spencer

March 2 – 3 at 8:00 pm
The White Box
Gibney 280 Broadway

Ainesh Madan: Phantasies

Phantasies is a pledge of allegiance to the universal dark horse. It questions our understanding of “the underdog”, and his/ her/ their role in accepting, or refusing, the struggles that define our daily existence. The work provides a non-linear representation of the juvenility that is essential for us to appreciate social inequality.

How can art serve as an outlet for our everyday anxieties? How is failure unavoidable in our search for utmost satisfaction? Can we simultaneously celebrate, and lament, our individual insecurities? What does a home for clowns, where they may peacefully revel, look like?

Evelyn Lilian Sanchez Narvaez: okay, I’m gunna start now…

You are invited to hold space for a moment of physical vulnerability and emotional rigor wrapped around the lessons of my childhood. Paying attention to the cycles of these lessons, their fruits, and wounds, I want to share a story with you of how listening to these lessons now has fueled my healing.

Marion Spencer: Rosalie

Rosalie, an assisted solo performance, examines celebration’s power and pitfalls, and the lessons we learn from places and people. The piece honors female-bodied goddesses and mentors present and past, and asks, how do we keep going, what is it that gets us through, when does celebration help and when does it hurt? Celebration is examined as inspiration, protest, denial, and survival. Rosalie invites you into a world, part sweet and personal, part dream, part nightmare. It is a study in memory, sitting in discomfort and comfort, letting go and in how we carry lessons learned from places and people.


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