Move to Move Beyond Storytellers

Creating Connections through Performance

The Move to Move Beyond Storytellers offer performances that promote advocacy, connection, and awareness.

Gibney’s history with the Storytellers dates back to 2005. Through the Survivor Leadership program at our first partner organization, Sanctuary for Families, we connected with those who felt drawn to the power of expression and creation that movement offers. This planted the seeds for the Move to Move Beyond Storytellers. In 2019, the program was formalized and expanded thanks to support from Laurie M. Tisch Illumination Fund. 

The Storytellers’ performances create a supportive space for audiences and performers alike to deepen their critical consciousness, witness the power of reclaiming one’s agency, and move toward shared liberation. Storytelling and witnessing are central components of social change work, offering a mode of “truth-telling” centered on the transformative lived experiences of individuals. Witnessing these stories illuminates our collective capacity for positive change.

The Storytellers, a group of advocates and creators who have experienced gender-based violence, have a growing repertory of original dance works collaboratively created over the past two decades. The group comes together regularly, in-person or online, to offer support to one another, ignite ideas, and move & create together.


Celebration Piece (2005) 
Reflections (2008)  
Here to Tell (2010)
Point of Change (2016)
Echoes of Truth (2017) 
Transformation of Powerful Souls (2019)
Works in Progress at Power in Motion (2020)
Seeds of Hope (2020)


Photo Credits: In partnership with CONFIDANZ & photographed by Gabriel Johnson & Zui Gomez 

The Move to Move Beyond Storytellers receive generous support from the Laurie M. Tisch Illumination Fund.

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