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Sorry I Missed Your Show: A Canary Torsi

STAGE In this 2017 production, STAGE, the interdisciplinary team a canary torsi explored the potential for choreographic and stage machinations to subvert hierarchical modes of seeing. A visual and aural fantasia, STAGE was an excavation of spectacle. Choreographer Yanira Castro will be joined by Kathy Couch, a longtime collaborator and lighting and stage designer, for […]

Sorry I Missed Your Show: Hank Smith

THE STORY OF TAP Between 1998 and 2018, a series of evenings known as “The Story of Tap” were held at Dixon Place. Each night featured conversation with tap dancers and musicians, led by Hank Smith, and focused on personal stories connected to the art of tap dancing. Over the years, guests included The Copasetics, […]

Sorry I Missed Your Show: Adrienne Truscott

PROBLEM WORK OR “FAILURE” AS A FEMINIST ACT Adrienne Truscott joined by collaborators will present and talk about excerpts from a show that has caused her nothing but trouble—from the humorously banal to the deeply consequential, both personally and professionally. This show continues to teach her about her process, impulses and impulse control. She has […]

Sorry I Missed Your Show:
Dance Theatre of Harlem

LOOKING FORWARD/LOOKING BACK AT 50 In its 50th year, Dance Theatre of Harlem has a long history of redefining the look and feel of classical ballet. Artistic Director Virginia Johnson brings together three generations of DTH dance artists for a conversation on the impact of the company and school on the Harlem community and the […]

Sorry I Missed Your Show:
Eduardo Vilaro & Bennyroyce Royon

HOMEBOUND/ALAALA In his new work for Ballet Hispánico, Homebound/Alaala, Filipino-American choreographer Bennyroyce Royon explores the intersection of the Latino and Asian cultures through ideas including the spirit of communal unity (bayanihan), the resilience of women, overcoming hardship, and the quest for home. Royon will be joined by Eduardo Vilaro, Artistic Director & CEO of Ballet […]

Sorry I Missed Your Show:
Camille A. Brown & Theresa Ruth Howard

Camille A. Brown & Theresa Ruth Howard Director and choreographer, Camille A. Brown, and Founder of MoBBallet, writer Theresa Ruth Howard discuss Brown’s navigation between sustaining her company, Camille A. Brown & Dancers, and having a career as a choreographer for theater. Works screened include the 3 installments from Brown’s trilogy, the Bessie Award winning […]

Sorry I Missed Your Show:
Alice Sheppard / Kinetic Light

Due to the limited capacity and high demand for this event, there are no more reservations available. We will hold the house for 10 minutes and seat anyone without a reservation on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED basis. Please be aware that if we reach capacity, we may need to turn patrons away. If you reserved […]

Sorry I Missed Your Show: Donna Costello & Jennifer Sargent

Jitterbug and the Aftermath Artists crossing genres (contemporary dance and physical theater) and geographical regions (New York and New Orleans) talk about how they made their duet and made it work—along the process, generating a whole new festival of feminist art. Collaborating artists will join as part of the discussion, including physical dramaturge Penelope McCourty.  […]

Sorry I Missed Your Show: Candace Thompson-Zachery

Choreographer Candace Thompson-Zachery and writer/performer Rosamond S. King discuss contemporary dance influenced by their Caribbean heritage, the work of Dance Caribbean COLLECTIVE (DCC), and the New Traditions Festival. Works screened include Thompson-Zachery’s Our Caribbean Spirit and LiveYard; and King’s Tiney Winey. A screening and discussion series, Sorry I Missed Your Show highlights dance works from […]

Sorry I Missed Your Show:
Keith Hennessy on Contraband

Keith Hennessy in conversation with Ben Pryor on the work of Contraband, the legendary San Francisco dance-performance collaborative directed by Sara Shelton Mann. Hennessy will screen and discuss excerpts of a few works including Religare (1986) and The Mira Cycles (1990-96), dialoguing with Pryor about the interests and concerns of the company, how that was […]