Week of November 13, 2018
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Series/Platform: Sorry I Missed Your Show

Sorry I Missed Your Show: Donna Costello & Jennifer Sargent

Jitterbug and the Aftermath Artists crossing genres (contemporary dance and physical theater) and geographical regions (New York and New Orleans) talk about how they made their duet and made it work—along the process, generating a whole new festival of feminist art. Collaborating artists will join as part of the discussion, including physical dramaturge Penelope McCourty.  […]

Sorry I Missed Your Show: Candace Thompson-Zachery

Choreographer Candace Thompson-Zachery and writer/performer Rosamond S. King discuss contemporary dance influenced by their Caribbean heritage, the work of Dance Caribbean COLLECTIVE (DCC), and the New Traditions Festival. Works screened include Thompson-Zachery’s Our Caribbean Spirit and LiveYard; and King’s Tiney Winey. A screening and discussion series, Sorry I Missed Your Show highlights dance works from […]

Sorry I Missed Your Show:
Keith Hennessy on Contraband

Keith Hennessy in conversation with Ben Pryor on the work of Contraband, the legendary San Francisco dance-performance collaborative directed by Sara Shelton Mann. Hennessy will screen and discuss excerpts of a few works including Religare (1986) and The Mira Cycles (1990-96), dialoguing with Pryor about the interests and concerns of the company, how that was […]

Sorry I Missed Your Show: Miguel Gutierrez on Vera Mantero

Join Miguel Gutierrez in conversation with Stephanie Acosta on a work by Portuguese choreographer Vera Mantero, Poetry and Savagery (1998). This work, never before performed in the U.S, proposes a behavioral approach to the choreographic, and a different way to think about ensemble. This relates closely to Gutierrez’s own work using dance as a way […]