Studio 5-2

A bright and spacious studio with a clean, streamlined look, Studio 5-2 was Gibney’s original space when it was founded in 1991. Today, it is the home of Gibney’s Resident Ballet Program and an ideal space for rehearsals, auditions, and photo shoots. The space features large windows, built-in ballet barres and mirrors, a waiting area, and a private bathroom. Use of shoes prohibited. Grand piano available.

  • Workshops and auditions
  • Dance films and photo shoots
  • Ballet or contemporary dance classes
  • Dimensions: 34’ x 53’
  • Capacity: 40 people for non-profit rehearsal rentals. For all other types of rentals, please reach out to the Gibney Rental team to receive capacity limits.
  • Ceiling Height: 11’
  • Flooring: Grey Marley (Original wooden floor under Marley)
  • Permanent mirrors on South wall
  • Black drapery for mirrors available upon request
  • Sound System: Raxess PD-800LF, Denon DN-C615, DBX 231 Graphic Equalizer, dB Technologies MT-1060
  • Use of shoes prohibited

Studio 5-2 has been the home of Gibney’s Resident Ballet program since 1991, when it was founded as a partnership between Gina Gibney and master teachers Jocelyn Lorenz and Christine Wright. Today the roster features some of the most skilled and sought-after teachers in NYC, including Sharon Milanese, Kelly Slough, Megan Williams, Janet Panetta, Vincent McCloskey, and Kat Wildish.