Studio G

A medium sized space with built-in mirrors, a piano, and three North-facing windows. Studio G is adjacent to Gibney’s Theater space, public kitchen (with free coffee!), and Digital Media Initiative workroom. Use of indoor sneakers is allowed.

  • Academic workshops and trainings
  • Dance rehearsals
  • Table readings
  • Dimensions: 20’ x 42’
  • Capacity: 17 people for non-profit rehearsal rentals. For all other types of rentals, please reach out to the Gibney Rental team to receive capacity limits.
  • Ceiling Height: 13’
  • Flooring: Harlequin Cascade (Black); Resilient
  • Permanent mirrors on East wall
  • Sound System: TrippLite, Tascam CD-A700, MixMate 2-RM75, Tascam CD-200
  • Use of indoor use sneakers allowed

Studio G was transformed into an office conference room as the setting for Monica Bill Barnes & Company’s popular production, Happy Hour! The space is located in a bustling center of activity at 280 Broadway, close to the Studio H Theater and the public Gallery space. It’s also right around the corner from our Digital Media Initiative workroom, where you can rent out a work station to edit video footage of your rehearsal.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, studio capacities have been reduced to 33% in our studios for all rehearsals, classes, and workshop rentals. Filming, photoshoot, and production rentals will be allowed at 50% capacity for each studio. If a rental request is submitted via our online forms with an occupancy that exceeds the following limits, your request will not be approved.