Week of March 25, 2018
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Hands Are For Holding

Hands are for Holding has reached almost 6,000 New York City students in the last three years,

to raise awareness of teen dating violence and provide strategies for seeking help or helping a friend.

Hands are for Holding is an interactive school-based program that uses dance as a tool for preventing violence and promoting healthy relationships. Professional dancers from Gibney Dance Company perform a series of dances that explore trust, negotiation, equality and comfort; issues essential for a successful dance as well as a healthy relationship.

The dances provide a dynamic and unexpected point of entry for meaningful discussion, led by mental health professionals, focused on identifying signs of bullying, abusive relationships and providing preventative actions for young people.

The one-hour, school-based Hands are for Holding program simultaneously addresses the socio-emotional health of young people, and exposes them to high-quality art. Appropriate for grades 4-12, the program uses dances, followed by talk-backs, to showcase elements common in romances or friendships that can be misconceived as love as opposed to warning signs of unhealthy relationships. Additionally it provides information on healthy communication, boundaries, respect and ways that young people can seek help if they ever find themselves in an abusive relationship.

Please contact Devin Oshiro at devin@gibneydance.org or 646-837-6809 for availability and pricing.

the assembly opened up a dialogue amongst our students that was invaluable.

Teacher, Williamsburg Charter High School

Thank you to our lead sponsor, Spectrum, for its generous support of Hands are for Holding.

Thank you to Day One and the Mayor’s Office to Combat Domestic Violence for their ongoing partnership with Gibney Dance through Hands are for Holding.