POP Performance: Huddled Spaces - Gibney
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POP Performance: Huddled Spaces

A black person in the forefront looking pensively. A white person in the distance looking towards the camera.

HUddled Spaces

Slim and Cavale live in sin together. We find them after one too many mornings. Huddled Spaces’ unique production explores the absurdity of reality in their physical adaptation of Cowboy Mouth, the dark work by Sam Shepard and Patti Smith. In the static glow of their televisions, eight tangled limbs grapple with dependency, control, and what it means to be a savior.

Huddled Spaces is a new artist collective exploring the impact of an environment on the individual; the space being the first ingredient with all else following in procession. The mission of Huddled Spaces is to explore variant experiences, expressions, and understandings, thereby enriching conversational convergence and discovery. Interests include the abstraction of text and movement, as well as the use of live performance technology. Our artists strive for originality and artistic excellence, in addition to an understanding of the value of fluidity and failure – all vital for theatrical experimentation. Join us in our attempt to haunt, bother, and tickle.

Photo by Ash Baker.


POP provides the dance community with increased support for showings and performances.

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