Bryn began her post-secondary dance training at Lamondance (Vancouver, Canada) in 2020, under the artistic direction of Davi Rodrigues and mentorship of Racheal Prince. During her time at Lamondance, Bryn performed works by Dance//Novella, Noam Gagnon, Yoshito Sakuraba, Richard Walters and Kirsten Wicklund . She also worked with faculty and guests; Joshua Beamish, Beverley Bagg, Isak & Eowynn Enquist and Nicolas Ventura.  In 2021 Bryn pursued a mentorship project under Racheal Prince and Davi Rodrigues, supported by the First Peoples Cultural Council. In February 2022, Bryn worked professionally with Dance//Novella (Brandon Lee Alley and Racheal Prince’s company) on their show “When the Walls Come Down,” presented by the Vancouver International Dance Festival. Bryn graduated from the Lamondance training program in June 2022 – She is now training with GibneyPRO under the direction and mentorship of Alexandra Wells, Gilbert T Small II and Bret Yamanaka. 

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