Madi Tanguay (she/her) joined Gibney Company as an Artistic Associate in 2023. Previously working with the TL Collective in 2019, she has premiered several works by Micaela Taylor including MISFIT and BlueNav, and has assisted choreographic residencies at USC  and B12. 

Interested in a career that expands across many mediums, Madi graduated from UCLA with highest honors in World Arts and Cultures B.A.  and International Development Studies B.A. Creating a relationship between research and artistic practice, she produces multi-disciplinary work across dance, music, and film. 

She attributes her early inspiration and study to Springboard Danse Montreal (2022) and Hubbard Street Dance Professional Program (2018) under the direction of Alexandra Wells. During her time in these programs she has worked with Ballet Jazz de Montreal, Ethan Colangelo, Shamel Pitts, and Bobbie Jean Smith. Tanguay’s artistic abilities have been recognized by The YoungArts Foundation and The Music Center’s Spotlight. Through mentorship by Bret Easterling, Spesner Theberge, Jermaine Spivey, Pau Aran, and Ella Rothschild; she has begun to explore her own choreographic inquiries through community based and collaborative practices.


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