Nehemoyia Young is a Brooklyn based movement artist. Her work considers both the sacred and secular, while also challenging how the bifurcation of them shows up in our bodies. Her work has been featured at Movement Research, Danspace, WildProject and Spelman College. She’s worked alongside Okwui Okpokwasili, Andre Zachary, David Thomson, among others. She was a collaborator in the 2020 Movement Research Studies Project entitled “Are Y’all Really Feeling Me? : How Black Performance Moves Beyond just Matter(ing)”. Nehemoyia is a 2019 graduate of Columbia University/Union Theological Seminary where she received a Masters in Theology, Performance Art & Ritual. 


This project focuses on the power of communal dance and music for ex-evangelicals and former fundamentalists to build friendships and support individual and collective healing. Loneliness, identity confusion and difficulty assimilating into society and other symptoms that mimic post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as a result of disruptions in social and family networks are common among people leaving evangelical and fundamental religious communities. Dance is a powerful medium to address religious trauma by helping develop connection to one’s body, gaining physical autonomy and connecting to one’s emotions and experiences. The program will include online forums, research and the development of a movement model and methodology.

Photo courtesy of the artist.