Troy Ogilvie has danced for and collaborated with choreographers – Roy Assaf, Sidra Bell, Antonio Brown, Gabriel Forestieri, Itzik Galili, Shannon Gillen, Margie Gillis, Andrea Miller, Patricia Noworol, Zoe Scofield, Idan Sharabi, and Nicole Wolcott; violinist – Liv Heym; theater company – Punchdrunk (as Lady Macbeth in Sleep No More NYC); and directors – Sophie Bortolussi (McKittrick Masquerade parties), Susan Misner (Bend, FOSSE/VERDON), Kate Douglas (Extinct), and Peter Sellars (The Gospels According to the Other Mary, LA Philharmonic). She has also curated, produced, and performed in solo shows RESET (2011), PRISM (2017 – with producer Ron Black), and BITE (2019). Troy teaches improvisation and is on faculty at SPRINGBOARDX Skills + Process, The Joffrey Jazz & Contemporary Program, Peridance, Adelphi University, and The Performing Arts Project and is a team member of The Dance Union. Troy’s choreography has been performed by the Joffrey Jazz & Contemporary trainees, Rivertown Dance Academy, Bare Opera (Maria de Buenos Aires with director Malena Dayen), and as a part of Met Live Arts (The Ninth Hour: A Beowulf Musical with director Kevin Newbury). She has participated in residency programs at The Marble House Project and Turkey Land Cove Foundation and was one of “Dance Magazine’s 2011 Top 25 to Watch.” Juilliard B.F.A. @troyanosaurus

Wild Precision // Emergent Improvisation

Wild Precision // Emergent Improvisation dances the fractal relationship between self and the world. A fractal relationship acknowledges that, as adrienne maree brown (author of Emergent Strategy) writes, “how we are at the small scale is how we are at the large scale.” One way for large scale change to occur, is to imagine and embody change in the small scale, in our bodies. What kind of future do we want to live in? Let’s practice it now. Through an ever-expanding aesthetic lens originally shaped by her work with Sidra Bell, Punchdrunk, Gallim Dance, Susan Misner, and Margie Gillis, Troy facilitates the healing, curious, playful, weird, meditative, joyful, awkward, and cathartic movements that emerge during class – allowing space for digestion, observation, and release.

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