Studio Z

A cozy studio with sprung floors, adjacent to the Black Box Theater at Gibney 280 Broadway. Studio Z is located in a quiet corner of 280 Broadway in the Next Phase Space. Use of indoor sneakers and tap shoes is allowed.

  • Solo dance rehearsals
  • Vocal or music rehearsals
  • Overflow or warm-up space for productions or rehearsals in the adjacent Studio Y
  • Dimensions: 25’ x 16’
  • Capacity: 11 people for non-profit rehearsal rentals. For all other types of rentals, please reach out to the Gibney Rental team to receive capacity limits.
  • Ceiling Height: 12’6”
  • Flooring: Harlequin Cascade (Black); Sprung
  • Permanent mirrors on West wall
  • Sound System: Yamaha MCR-B043 Micro Component System, 2 Yamaha NS-BP83 External Speakers
  • Use of indoor sneakers and tap shoes is allowed.

This small space is connected to the adjacent Studio Y, Gibney’s Black Box Theater, making it a perfect space for production meetings, warming up, or storage. Book both studios as a package to have all the space you need for a performance, showing, or audition.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, studio capacities have been reduced to 33% in our studios for all rehearsals, classes, and workshop rentals. Filming, photoshoot, and production rentals will be allowed at 50% capacity for each studio. If a rental request is submitted via our online forms with an occupancy that exceeds the following limits, your request will not be approved.